Return of the Mad God

Return of the Mad God

Release Date: 20.Mar.2020
Type: Album
Label: Independent
Genre: Ambient, Electronic


  1. Asphodel Meadows (1:33)
  2. Wrath of a Mad God (3:28)
  3. The Demon Within (2:55)
  4. A Song In Suicide (3:57)
  5. Destroyer of Worlds (3:04)
  6. False Revelations (1:54)
  7. Residue (Bonus Track) (1:33)
  8. Food of the Dead (Bonus Track) (1:36)
  9. Homage to the Marshland (Bonus Track) (3:08)

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Return of the Mad God is a re-release of the Wrath of a Mad God EP that was originally released under the artist name of ExProphetic. Once thought lost, the original songs were found in early 2020 and re-released with 3 bonus tracks. Residue and Food for the Gods were intended to be intro songs for future releases, and Homage to the Marshland is a homage to the Mortiis album The Smell Of Rain, which was a heavy influence on the future direction of Imo Draco after the release of Wrath of a Mad God.