Divination EP out 1.MAR.2019

Imo Draco was created as an experimental music project where there are literally no limits applied to what could be created. With music that spans several genres, including ambient, electronic, trip hop, rock, and more, Imo Draco keeps pushing the boundaries of what one artist can do.

Originally releasing music under the moniker ExProphetic, Imo Draco released his first EP in 2012. Entitled Wrath of a Mad God, which was a metal influence electronic record. Unfortunately, the EP was lost to the ages until two tracks from it we re-released in 2018.

After three years, and a name change from ExProphetic to Imo Draco, the album The Pointless Voyage was released in 2015. An instrumental concept album that follows a troop of people on a quest from inception to it's inevitable conclusion. Musically, it mixed ambient, trip hop, and electronica to create a haunting and emotional journey.

In 2018 another concept EP was released. Erotomania, follows a stalker that is obsessed with a celebrity and takes their obsession tragically too far. An extension of the style from The Pointless Voyage, Erotomania used more piano and sound effects to create the atmosphere that was required to tell the story.

On the 11th of January, 2019, Imo Draco released his first single with vocals. Entitled Silence, the song is more commercial than previous releases. Following the release of Silence, the Divination EP will be released on the 1st of March, 2019.

Imo Draco is currently writing his debut full length album.

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